June 30 – 1st hour: Sharing stories of our baptisms or why we’re not baptized.
2nd hour: James Mast will teach about the impact of Social Media

July 7 – 1st hour: Dave Benner preaching “God of the Streams”.
2nd hour: Sermon Response followed by fellowship meal.

July 14 – 1st hour: Sandy preaching “God of the Springs”.
2nd hour: Patti Loughridge sharing her Life Story.

July 21 – Emily Ralph Servant preaching.
2nd hour: Emily leading Congregation Pastor Review.

We are telling “God Stories”, writing our experiences with God onto strips of fabric, the color of the season of the church year, and weaving them into our loom, to be made into a wall hanging after Pentecost. This was our Advent “stump of Jesse” that hid the Advent candles until Jesus birth, when the candles came up and light was displayed all over the table for the Epiphany season.