August 25: Sermon: “God of the Clouds”; Preacher: Pastor Sandy Drescher-Lehman;; Second Hour: Catherine McLaughlin sharing her life story

September 1: Sermon: “From Captivity to Freedom”; Preacher: Community Member, Bobbi Smisko

September 8: Sermon: “God of our Thirst”; Preacher: Pastor, Sandy Drescher-Lehman; Second Hour: Andrew and Karen Bush sharing about their recent ministry in the Philippines

September 15: Sermon: “God of the Seas”; Preacher: Pastor Sandy Drescher-Lehman

September 22: Sermon: “God of the Raging Waters”; Preacher: Pastor Sandy Drescher-Lehman

September 29: 5th Sunday Special; “Sharing Our Water” – Community Participation

Our Summer Theme is “God of the Waters”
Everyone is invited to bring a container of water from the place they met God through some form of water in their summer experiences, and have the chance to tell that story on Sept 29 in our 9:30 worship service.

God of the Waters

We are telling “God Stories” each Sunday, ways that we have experienced God’s voice and God’s touch during the course of our daily lives.